BCM 110

The Human vs The Giant – David and Goliath

The biblical story of David & Goliath recounts how Goliath, a Philistine giant, challenges the Israelites to single combat in the centre of the battlefield to decide the outcome of the battle between Saul and the Israelites against the Philistines. Saul, the monarch of the Israelites cowers out resulting in the undersized David to step […]

Aaaand That’s a Wrap! – The conclusion of the Rap Twitter Page

Going into this Digital Artefact I was hesitant. Having done these sorts of projects in the past this felt the same, but different?  This was an experience where I had to intently observe the way that people on Twitter interacted with each other and the content I posted whilst still developing an online persona. Developing […]

Reviewing my Reviews, Pt.2!

As the semester nears completion now is the perfect time to look at my fellow peers’ beta’s and see how they’re work can allow me to learn before heading into the final research report. After reviewing and observing three different digital artefacts there has definitely been some major takeaways surrounding how I am aiming to […]